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Adidas Trae 3 Performance Review

NBA Hawks’ star Trae Young’s third generation of signature shoes adidas Trae 3 officially debuted this month.As the defender, the orientation of Trae Young’s shoes is speediness and stability. This is the first time to abandon the Boost material, replaced by a brand-new midsole, which bring a completely different wearing experience.

The upper of adidas Trae 3 is made of mesh fabric, with brand-new COMPOSITE FOAM lightweight midsole, the air permeability is great.The actual performance of COMPOSITE FOAM is similar to Lightstrike. It’s not soft, but the starting reaction is quite quick, and there will be no discomfort when jumping to the ground, which is a very competent speeding type midsole. The most attractive position of adidas Trae 3 is the blocky midsole design, which is designed by the moving habit of Trae Young. With the wide outsole, the stability of adidas Trae 3 is great.

In terms of fitness, adidas Trae 3 mainly passes through the four side line holes through the shoelaces, and because there is no shoelace hole in the shoe head, I personally believes that the fitness is not good. I chose the standard size, but I still can feel that the feet can slide in the shoes. Maybe if your feet is thin, you can choose half size down.

Adidas Trae 3 abandoned the socks type design, so it’s easier to put on and take off. And it adds padding in the shoe heel, which improve the stability and comfort level. Adidas Trae 3 improves the feedback, stability, cushion performance and weight problem.If it can improve the fitness, it will be a great pair of basketball shoes for the defenders.

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