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The “Christmax” Dunk Low is a fitting tribute to the admired character, embracing a combination of suede and fluffy fur to evoke a reindeer look. Of course, any Rudolph-themed sneaker necessitates an appropriate colour palette, and this pair doesn’t disappoint. It’s adorned in vibrant red and brown tones, true to the namesake character.

The sneaker’s base comprises a furry brown fabric speckled with beige to replicate the dotted pattern on a reindeer’s back. The legendary red nose then finds its representation in the abstract, frayed-edge Swoosh outlined in black. Other hits of red come through the red outsole that sits below a flesh-coloured midsole. The cherry on top is a small patch featuring Rudolph’s image adorning the sneaker’s tongue.

What does SB mean in Nike SB Dunk Low?

Nike Skateboarding, primarily known as Nike SB, is the Nike brand for its line of shoes, clothing, and equipment for skateboarding.

Why are SB dunks so popular?

By the mid-’90s, the Nike Dunk had become a cult favorite amongst the skateboarding community, thanks to its superior cushioning, support and traction

Are dunks or SB dunks more comfortable?

Are Dunks Or SB Dunks More Comfortable? An older SB Dunk can be more comfortable than a regular (non-SB) Dunk. Modern Dunk and SB Dunk releases tend to be stiffer right out of the box. As such, modern regular Dunks are more accommodating than their SB counterparts

Dunk vs SB Dunk: What’s the Difference Between the Sneakers?

The most noticeable difference between the two sneakers are their tongues. On the Nike Dunk, you get a slim, mesh tongue. On the SB Dunk, the tongue has been beefed up to provide more cushion and protection. By being thicker, the tongue helps with the fit as well. It enables the sneaker to mold to your feet, preventing any slipping or wiggling. The tongue is held down with elastic straps which provide an added layer of lockdown. As a bonus, it allows you to slip the SB Dunk on and off without having to mess with finicky laces.

History of the Nike SB Dunk.

1985: The Nike Dunk Makes its Debut

2002: The first Nike SB Dunks Drop

2000’s: Nike SB Dunks Ignite Sneakerhead Culture

2020 & Beyond: The Nike Dunk SB Renaissance.

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