Kyler Murray x Nike Dunk Low “Be 1 of One” Sea Glass FQ0269-001


  • Color: Sea Glass/Sail-Oil Green-Rose Gold
  • Style Code: FQ0269-001
  • Release Date: November 10, 2023
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In the realm of personal expression and customization, Nike has consistently paved the way, encouraging fans and athletes alike to infuse their unique spirit into their footwear. This ethos takes a transformative leap with the announcement of a special collaboration with football sensation Kyler Murray for the upcoming Nike Dunk Low “Be 1 of One” release.

This collaborative endeavor highlights Kyler Murray’s distinctive flair, aligning with Nike’s dedication to individualism and unique design narratives. The sneaker itself becomes a canvas for personal storytelling, integrating various textures and hues to manifest a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. The foundational olive leather upper sets the stage, coupled with standout metallic reptile Swooshes that reflect both the athlete’s dynamic nature and the shoe’s exclusive character.

Adding depth to the narrative, the overlays feature a unique creamy distressed textile, subtly hinting at a transformative tear-away element, perhaps a nod to Murray’s ability to adapt and evolve on the field. Contrasting elements, such as the robust rope laces and sail midsoles, interplay with these features, injecting a sense of layered storytelling, synonymous with Kyler’s multifaceted career and persona.

Beneath the surface, translucent rubber outsoles carry the design’s creamy tones, providing a grounded yet ethereal finishing touch. Minute detailing, like the embroidered lateral forefoot Swoosh and inner heel’s diamond motif, are akin to Easter eggs for the fans – small but significant symbols of identity and excellence.

The “Be 1 of One” mantra, prominently positioned within the shoe’s interior, goes beyond a catchphrase. This collaboration, it’s a testament to Kyler Murray’s unique path within sports and his personal style journey. It’s an invitation for wearers to embrace their narratives boldly and without reservation. The tagline’s dual-tone green, mirrored in the branding on the tongue and heel, ties the design elements together, culminating in a sneaker that stands for more than fashion or fandom.

Are dunks or SB dunks more comfortable?

Are Dunks Or SB Dunks More Comfortable? An older SB Dunk can be more comfortable than a regular (non-SB) Dunk. Modern Dunk and SB Dunk releases tend to be stiffer right out of the box. As such, modern regular Dunks are more accommodating than their SB counterparts

Dunk vs SB Dunk: What’s the Difference Between the Sneakers?

The most noticeable difference between the two sneakers are their tongues. On the Nike Dunk, you get a slim, mesh tongue. On the SB Dunk, the tongue has been beefed up to provide more cushion and protection. By being thicker, the tongue helps with the fit as well. It enables the sneaker to mold to your feet, preventing any slipping or wiggling. The tongue is held down with elastic straps which provide an added layer of lockdown. As a bonus, it allows you to slip the SB Dunk on and off without having to mess with finicky laces.

History of the Nike SB Dunk.

1985: The Nike Dunk Makes its Debut

2002: The first Nike SB Dunks Drop

2000’s: Nike SB Dunks Ignite Sneakerhead Culture

2020 & Beyond: The Nike Dunk SB Renaissance.

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