NBA 2K20 x Nike Kobe 5 Protro “Chaos” Black/Dark Grey CD4991-001


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Kobe Bryant’s Nike Kobe 5 Protro “Chaos” in collaboration with 2K will be available to purchase for any NBA 2K20 player who surpasses the Mamba’s Christmas Day high of 42 points in a MyPLAYER Nation game between today and January 2nd, 2020. Similar to October’s “Bron 2K” initiative, those skilled enough to beat this challenge will receive an in-game rendition of the Heath-Ledger-as-Joker-inspired sneaker

From a design standpoint, these Kobe 5s feature a classic “Chaos” color scheme, but switch out the OG design’s white accents for dark grey hues while leaving the signature purple, red and volt base fully intact. A darker shade of Grey is also added to its midsole, which is different from the original.

Which is better Kobe Protro 5 or 6?

and it’s pretty much a matter of preference. if you like having that more low to the ground feel then the kobe 5 wins that by just a little bit but if you like having a little bit more cushion. and impact protection then the whole b6 would be your best bet of the two.Mar 6, 2021

Why are Kobe shoes so good?

Compared to other Nike signature shoes, the line designed for Kobe has always focused on sports performance rather than the aesthetics of Instagram or endorsements of rappers. Since Bryant switched from adidas to Nike in 2003, his signature shoes have become synonymous with performance and attention to detail

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