Air Jordan 5

By the time the Air Jordan V hit sneaker shelves in 1990, the legacy of the Air Jordan line was known as a powerhouse in the industry.

The duo of Michael Jordan and Tinker Hatfield were both coming off a string of successes, with MJ winning a string of NBA titles and Hatfield already designing two of Jordan Brand’s biggest shoes. In February 1990, the pair released the shoe that would kickstart a legacy-defining decade.

The great Tinker Hatfield designed the Jordan V. The sneaker is considered another classic on the resume of Tinker. You can make the argument that the V was the biggest departure for the line at that time. There are similarities that the Jordan 1-4 share. The V featured a much higher cut than the previous two Jordan models.

Hatfield took inspiration from Jordan’s personality and play style – as he would throughout their collaboration – and compared his ability to float around the court and attack from different angles to that of WWII fighter pilots. This then led to Hatfield adding the midsole motif, inspired by the nose art on fighter planes.. The V was a huge stylistic departure for the series.

By 1990 the Air Jordan line of sneakers were considered luxury basketball shoes. A status the brand still holds today in 2023. Every kid in America wanted a pair of the Jordan V sneakers. The V proved that the Jordan models were not losing momentum by 1990. The III and IV are two of the most beloved and memorable Air Jordan models. The V had a lot to live up to, and for the most part it lived up to the hype.

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