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The Configuration of Adidas 4DFWD 3 & SWITCH FWD

Adidas is committed to exploring the infinite possibilities of combining technology with running shoes. Adidas changed the traditional running shoes’ design concept, using exclusive black technology. This summer, Adidas released two technologies’ running shoes, including the revolutionary running shoe which using 3D printing 4DFWD 3, and the new released SWITCH FWD. The two ‘new species’ in the field of running shoes have made a new interpretation of the propulsion of running shoes by different midsole materials, bringing subversive propulsion pleasure to runners at every step and showing a unique leaping experience.

4DFWD 3 use the brand-new upper design and top-level midsole technology to inject a boost of pleasure at every step.

The adidas 4DFWD series keep using the innovated technology. Its BOWTIE midsole design is developed by collaborating with Silicon Valley technology company. Carbon uses 3D printing technology. It evaluated over 5 million 4D structural variations by using 18 years of athlete performance data, achieving strong forward propulsion and energy feedback, while running can reduce the vertical amplitude ratio to increase stride length. The new 4DFWD 3 shoes featured a new breathable double upper design, with Continental outsole, bring more powerful propulsion.

The features of adidas 4DFWD 3 running shoe:

  • Breathable double-deck upper design: It adopts double-deck upper design for the first time, and adopts Primeknit and MONO MESH single fabric material which is comfortable like socks. It’s elastic, soft and breathable. The vamp has hot pressing strip support design.
  • Gravity conversion propulsion system: Continuation of the 4DFWD tilting structure of the midsole technology, it turns the vertical downward gravity into the front propulsion force, inject propulsion for each step.
  • Continental™ outsole: The Continental™ outsole offers strong traction for a wide range of environmental, terrain and weather conditions.
  • 3D heel locking and new lacing system: The shoe heel is 3D heel locking, and the new lacing system also provides better stability for the shoe.

It not only launched the basic color of off-white and silver gray, the side of the shoe is decorated with fluorescent green, bringing a more futuristic technology image for the shoe; In addition, there are classic all black and black white colorways, providing different choices for the runners.

SWITCH FWD brand-new shoes were debuted at the same time.

The SWITCH FWD, which debuted simultaneously with 4DFWD 3, is a brand-new shoe model that continues the design concept of 4DFWD, representing a bold attempt to ‘change’ (SWITCH) and the concept of leading ‘FORWARD’. SWITCH FWD adopts soft EVA composite midsole, and the midsole adopts special hole structure, so that the downward pressure during running is compressed through the hole and then bounced forward to convert into forward kinetic energy; At the same time, TPU pieces are inserted between the shoe body and the midsole, and the lighter Continental™ outsole provides superior stability and traction performance. SWITCH FWD uses recycled materials to create air flow upper, and integrates MONO MESH fabric and craft mesh fabric to effectively enhance air circulation.

For the colors of the shoes, the men’s shoes have a mysterious all black and a classic color of black stripes on white; The women’s model is white.

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