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Unboxing: adidas Harden Vol.8

At the first sight of Harden Vol. 8, I thought it’s similar as Harden Vol. 7, as the overall outline and structure is almost the same.

But after testing, I found that the material and structure of Harden Vol. 8 have been upgraded a lot. It reinforces the defects of Harden Vol. 7.

The shoe head design of Harden Vol. 8 is the same as Harden Vol. 7. But the material is softer.

The anti-rollover structure of forefoot midsole is also the same as Harden Vol. 7. There is a big piece of black rubber extends to the outsole, which is also one of the symbolic designs.

The biggest change and upgrade in the appearance, is the huge annular rubber structure of the upper, forming a unique shape exclusive to Harden Vol.8.

Since it occupies such a large area of the shoe body, the strength and toughness of this circle of rubber are adjusted just right, and when the shoelace is fastened, it is like a palm which holding your foot.

Combined with this multi-layer ankle shoe design, each part of the foot is firmly locked, making the shoe unity of Harden Vol.8 more outstanding than that of the 7th generation.

As with the previous generation, although it is a signature shoe, but the shoe body does not have much design to highlight Harden’s personal elements, even the signature is hidden on the shoe-pad.

Compared with the change of the 7th generation, it is still obvious that the exposed design of the TPU anti-torsion plate is canceled, but it’s hidden in the inside of the outsole rubber, and its shape can be faintly seen through the translucent material.

The outsole pattern is cleverly integrated into the Harden ‘H’, and the circle around it is the most classic and most durable herringbone pattern. Looking at the depth of this pattern, it should be durable.

The rear opening window has changed from the three-bar shape of the previous generation to a circular shape, and the interior is filled with full-length JETBoost.

Although it uses the same technology configuration as last generation, but it remodels the drop height and the thickness of material.

The forefoot sole of Harden Vol.8 is thicker than Harden Vol.7. The drop height is small. It’s more solid and elastic.

Adidas Harden Vol.8 will be released on February 15.

In addition to this model, the follow-up will also be launched in black green, flamingo, black  white red and other colors.

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